Create Amazing Rug Patterns on the Floor With a Variety of Cool Mosaic Tiles

The most typical ways to use mosaic tiles could be in kitchen backsplashes and around bathtubs and showers. Yet, current trends show new ways to use these heavenly mosaics. Create mystic rug patterns on the ground rather of decorating walls alone. Which side you place individuals rug patterns? Set them up in entryways and bathrooms, possibly, or simply anywhere in your home or business premises. Choose zest and zing! Hexagons or basketweaves and a whole lot, homeowners and designers might have their arms full with difficult options to make.

Emperador Light and Emperador Dark Basketweave

Choose the traditional basketweave style and become rewarded having a classic appearance of eternity. The famous Turkish marble brings the striking mosaics known as Emperador. Whether from the light or dark backgrounds, the creams, grays and mocha browns merge superbly.

Tundra Grey Basketweave ( silver mosaic )

An uncommon gift for basketweave enthusiasts, this memorable Turkish marble mosaic combines grays with champagne and platinum and a little bit of rose. Obtain a dramatic effect inside a traditional bathroom like a rug pattern border design. Surround it with large subways to contrast with wood, ceramics or gemstone.

Honey Comb Hexagon

Choose the fashionable hexagon mosaics creating a comeback! Strive for either traditional or contemporary rug designs. The strength of exotic marble brings the 2-inch honeycomb hexagon in beige shades. The gentle and peaceful bathroom feels quite contemporary too such shades. The option of finishes like white-colored oak grain would turn rustic spaces into modern settings.

Henley Hexagon

HH contains many shades of grey and platinum, gunmetal and black, brown and taupe too. Pretty marble has produced this two-inch question, a bolder color choice when compared to honeycomb. HH has veins, specks and contours amongst all individuals shades. It blends well with dark backgrounds and contrasts with light shades.

Paradise Bay Blend

Choose a milder appearance from the rug pattern! PBB combines stone with glass and presents wonderful vanilla and almond using the coolness of navy and grey. The sight is striking without having to be bold and dramatic. A tile pattern that's so diverse it matches with walls and countertops having a modern look.

Overcome doubts using the visualizer tool for floors. Easily calculate the number of mosaic tiles could be needed for that planned design. Let mosaic tiles become topics of animated conversation in homes and companies. Basketweaves and hexagons do transform spaces besides being durable and stylish.

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