Know The Difference Between USB, Micro USB And Lightning Connectors

Many people have a tendency to get confused while telling the main difference between USB, Micro USB and lightning. It is because all of the three look quite similar and performance mostly in the same manner. However, you must understand that not one of them are replaceable with one another. To operate appropriately, all of the three connectors need different technology, accessories and port too. Also, they aren't suitable for one another.

Here is a detailed explanation of all of the three connectors to be able to know which connector works using what device at its optimum ability.


USB may be the full type of - Hardware. It's the most often used connector and works with several os's. Whenever you connect a USB for your mobile phone or computer, it will get detected easily. You may also add or take away the USB cable without getting to restart the unit. Which aspect means they are a 'hot-swappable' technology. The 'Type A' connectors can be found in 2.3 and three. formats and could be combined with desktops, laptops, notebooks and tablets. 'Type B' connectors, however, can be used for scanners and difficult drives.
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Micro USB

The function of the building of Micro USB ended up being to standardize phone charging devices and simplify things for that customers who have been fed up with using different chargers for his or her phone. These USBs really are a miniature form of USB interface. Several smartphones that actually work on Android technology are fitted with Micro USB ports. The Micro USB looks smaller sized to Small USB but provides a greater transfer rate. It's possible to easily identify a Micro USB because it has black receptacles along with a 5 pin design. Although Micro USB charging cable has a USB connector and enables change in data between desktop and mobiles, you need to know that it's not suitable for all devices.

Lightning Connectors

Lightning Connectors were released around 2012 plus they were a great substitute from the 30 pin pier connector which was employed for Apple products. This 8 pin connector is built to become more efficient than the 30 pin one. Apple products are very thin and aren't suitable for the width of the standard USB port. However these connectors made the entire amount of powering up Apple devices super easy. Lightning connectors aren't suitable for other connectors and can't be utilized with traditional USBs. How do we identify these connectors? They are white-colored in colour, much like the majority of Apple devices this will let you slender shape.

You can't expect all of the chargers to become universal anyway. The type of connector you utilize depends mainly on the kind of device you utilize. Knowing which kind of USB you'll need for which purpose, you will save lots of money and time. If you're searching permanently quality USB cables, USB adapters along with other accessories at cost-effective rates you'll be able to many stores where one can order from. Now that you realize the main difference, you're sure to make a good choice!

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